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Like clothes, websites can go out of style. Maybe that blinking page title was cool and trendy when you first launched your site but do you know that not all browsers support that? Yes, some visitors are seeing nothing but a hot pink string of letters. And those frames that were used to give your site that great layout? They decrease the ability for search engines to fully scan your website. Even that Frontpage Nature theme that looked so nice when your sister’s son built your site in the 90s isn’t holding a candle to the newer, more complex professional website templates available today.

At Copper Penny Designs, we feel that websites need a personality, one that fits the business and reflects the professionalism of the company and its owner.  This is especially helpful for those independent businesses in the service industry. For personal health services such as massage, reflexology and other holistic practices, having your website reflect the energy and personality of the practitioner is incredibly important. Even manufacturing, technology and engineering companies need to have their website evoke a feeling of trust and credibility to site visitors.  Customers buy from companies they trust.

When you sign up with Copper Penny Designs for a website redesign, we start by giving your current site a thorough evaluation. We look at your design as well as your content.  These are equally important factors in creating a website that your current and potential customers will enjoy visiting. We’ll tell you what aspects of the site may currently be hurting your business and what features need to be moved into the limelight. With this information, we can move forward with your redesign knowing that we are keeping the best and not repeating old mistakes. The more informed you are about what your website was and wasn’t doing for you, the better you will be at creating a look and feel that will work for you.

Once we’ve determined the good, bad and the ugly, we’ll work with you to design a new look and feel that fits you and your business. We offer options to fit everyone’s budget. You may select from a huge assortment of templates or choose to have your site custom built.

Visit some of our clients to see how we helped them and hear what they have to say about CPD and our services. You’ll see why Copper Penny Designs is the best choice for your Internet needs.

Contact Us today to begin your web site evaluation. It’s time to give that old website a face lift!


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